Of the career of your alumni in the conversion of the candidates

Studizz Alumni is a semantic search engine which indexes the professional social networks to show the careers of the alumni and the students. Interactive modules placed on the web sites of institutions of higher education allow the Internet users to show relevant routes.

How does it work ?

How does it work ?

Studizz Alunmi in 4 steps



Of your alumni among more than 300 million public profiles on the professional social networks



Career of your graduates to reconstitute your community of alumni



Interactive modules allowing to use our search engine



Of your web site with a turnkey solution


Thanks to the interactive modules of our search engine, thousands of candidates can FALL in your establishment through the work experience of your graduates.

Skills of the graduates

This module presents the key skills

Business sectors of young graduates

This diagram shows the business sectors which hire your young graduates

Business sectors

This graph displays the diversity of the possible business sectors thanks to the current distribution of your graduates

Favorite companiess

This module allows a natural emphasis of the companies which offer most outlets to your students / graduates

The most popular universities and high schools

This graph puts forward the possibilities of pursuits of studies

Geographical origin by high schools

This module is in the form of a map of France wich goelocalised the high schools of origin of your alumni

Geographical split

This module is in the form of a world map wich geolocalised your alumni by country

Previous trainings

This diagram presents the diversity of the profiles which you recruit by kind of training made beforehand in the entrance to your establishment

Examples of firt jobs

This module shows in a concrete way the plurality of the jobs possible for the exit of your establishment

Our Added Value

A turnkey solution to upgrade your web site's content and help your candidates to fall in your establishment.

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